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Undiscarded: ReForm/ReFunction

Undiscarded: ReForm/ReFunction

Gerry Ruecker

January and February 2022

Un/Discarded: Re/Form, Re/Function is a mixed media body of work that examines the definition and usage of what is commonly considered junk. The individual pieces included in the body of work all present a strong emphasis on found/reclaimed/junk objects presented in a new context. Fragments of old furniture and building materials, rusted pieces of metal, and various other discarded items are prominent, highlighting a unique, well-worn sense of beauty. These crude, rough objects are blended with and enclosed within a mash-up of cheap, highly decorative baroque-influenced picture frames. The resulting pieces embrace contradiction, functioning as both an homage to, as well as a caricature of a tired centuries-old style still viewed as ‘classy’.

Un/Discarded: Re/Form, Re/Function challenges the customary confines of shape and design associated with objects hinted at by the works. Stereotypical rectangles, squares, etc. are deconstructed, then re-formed, producing a twisted or ‘off-kilter’ approach, almost as if they were taken from a Dr. Seuss book.

Gerry Ruecker, Ergon Parergon
Ergon/Parergon – Gerry Ruecker


About the Artist

Gerry Ruecker is a self-taught artist, photographer, and educator based in Regina, who has for the past thirty years been working primarily in mixed media sculpture and sculpture/furniture. His primary creative influences include in order of importance, the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, the Italian Design group Memphis, and American Sculptor Nick Cave.

Gerry has exhibited frequently in Canada and Jamaica in solo and group shows, including the 2008 Jamaica Biennale, and his work can be found in numerous public and private collections, both nationally and abroad.

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