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Into the Wind

Jan Jenkins

15 January 2021 to March 15 2021

Jen Jenkins Floating in the Wind #20

Artist Bio & Statement

Originally from Quebec, Jan worked in Alberta’s energy industry then moved to Manitoba where she now creates original art for smaller spaces and wearable art for that unique look.  Jan uses pen and ink, linocut, acrylics and other media in her creations.  She connects with Canada’s arts community through several arts organizations, displays her works in group and solo shows around Manitoba, and sells her creations through galleries and online. “My greatest joy is creating visual art from patterns around me – the rhythms of line, shape, color, contrast.  I lose myself in the creative process, its flow translating to visual imagery.”

“Into the Wind” is a series of artworks and poem that are based on the artist’s recurring dream. In the dream Jan rises from the ground and flies over land toward distant horizons. The dream is powerful and represents freedom from fears and anxiety, courage to experience unexplored new horizons, remaining calm and confident while faced with the unknown and hopeful of new beginnings. The “In The Wind” poem and art series explores her initial pen and ink zenwork “In The Wind”.


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