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Heather Martens Rempel

Heather takes great inspiration as an artist and a teacher in the power to open others’ eyes to the visual beauty and utility of found objects in nature and the built environment. Raised with values of practicality, an early and extensive exposure to exotic landscapes as well as international art collections, she found a deep desire to reflect back her life experience in visual form. This melding of the artistic and practical impulses led her to become an art teacher, sharing her learning with the next generation of Manitoba artists and encouraging them to express themselves in creative ways. In recent years, she continues to lead workshops, chiefly with mono-printing, while at the same time devoting increasing time to the development of her own portfolio. Deepening her connection with Manitoba’s artistic community has been as rewarding as seeing her pieces in juried and travelling shows. She has also had solo shows in local venues. Workshop participants of all ages and abilities enjoy her gel-plate printing workshops held through community art centers and schools across the province. 



Art in the Time of Covid 19