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Prairie Abstract Series

Eveline Mauws

5 place


I get my inspiration from landscape. While traveling, using my phone, I take landscape photos from our vehicle. The camera records the passing shapes, light, skies and movement in ways that continue to fascinate me. These photos capture the sky’s moods and the land’s formations, transcending reality. The camera’s abstractions are then translated into paint. I paint the idea of the land, the feel of the wind, the power of a storm, the sky’s expanse, the vastness of water or the motion of the landscape as we sweep by. There is an intuitive use of colour, texture, collage, text, space, line, and form that suggests what I notice in nature. The paintings take on a rich textured surface due to a multi-media approach. My primary aim is to create paintings that show my deep connection and relationship to the land. At present, I paint on paper, birch panels and canvas. My imagery comes from observations of land forms, weather, and skies. My intention is to convey the “idea” of landscape, the feel of the wind, the power of a storm, or the motion of the land.


Location: St. Claude

Year: 2019

Medium: Acrylic, Collage, Graphite

Dimensions: 12" x 12"

Price: $185.00